To be eligible for Title IV funding, Federal regulations require confirmation you are actively participating in each of your classes.

Enrollment confirmation will be done by each of your instructors. Confirmation will be recorded on the fifth day of the semester for participation during the first week and on the tenth day for participation during the second week for any students who did not participate the first week. For late start courses, enrollment confirmation will be recorded on the first day of class.

Important Reminders

  • If aid is transmitted to your account during the initial posting prior to the first day of the semester, enrollment confirmation must be received for each of your classes by the tenth day of the semester or aid will be adjusted/cancelled requiring immediate payment.
  • If aid has not transmitted to your account during the initial posting, aid will not be disbursed until we have received confirmation of enrollment by the tenth day of the semester.
  • Courses not confirmed by the tenth day of the semester must have a manual confirmation, unless the course is a late start course.
  • Participation in at least six credits must be confirmed before loan funds can be disbursed.
  • Pell Grant funding will be disbursed based on the number of credits confirmed.
  • Late start courses could affect when aid will be received. Check with the Financial Aid Office.
  • If you drop/add courses during the first ten days of the semester, enrollment must be confirmed in each of the new courses (even if the change is only in the section for the same course).
  • You can view which classes have and have not been confirmed on WarriorWeb by using the Grades/Enrollment Confirmation link of the Academic Profile section.
  • Coeur d'Alene students concurrently enrolled with North Idaho College must have enrollment confirmation of their NIC credits submitted before additional aid will be disbursed for those credits. NIC sends this information directly to LC State after their tenth day.
  • Students on an approved Consortium Agreement must have participation confirmed by their instructor(s) at the visiting institution before aid will be disbursed for those credits. The instructor can send an email to [email protected].
  • Students on an approved Study Abroad Contract must be registered for the correct number of study abroad hold credits at LC State and have enrollment confirmed by the visiting institution for credits actually participating in before aid will be disbursed. See the Study Away Coordinator in the International Programs Office for enrollment confirmation assistance.