Intent to Attend Quick Tips

Intent to Attend serves as documentation you are planning to attend Lewis-Clark State College for the upcoming semester.

It allows Student Accounts to determine how your residual financial aid funds will be disbursed before the semester. Financial Aid will ensure your aid package aligns with your intended enrollment level.

A few things to keep in mind when completing Intent to Attend:

  • To receive an electronic direct deposited disbursement of residual financial aid funds before the semester begins Intent to Attend must be completed and you must have entered your banking information in WarriorWeb.
  • If you are concurrently enrolled with North Idaho College ONLY include your LC State credits on Intent to Attend.
  • If you have an approved Consortium Agreement with another institution ONLY include your LC State credits on Intent to Attend.
  • Your financial aid will be adjusted to the enrollment level you indicate on Intent to Attend.
  • If you make an error or change your enrollment level after completing Intent to Attend, make sure to notify the Financial Aid Office so adjustments can be made.
  • Your financial aid will not credit to your Student Account unless you have registered for the correct number of credits as listed on Intent to Attend.
  • If you complete Intent to Attend indicating you will NOT attend LC State, your financial aid will be cancelled.