The following scholarships are external to LC State. Information and applications can be found at the scholarship source websites provided. LC State does not endorse any specific website and is not responsible for the content on these websites.

Note that all scholarships are highly competitive. Review them well in advance to your desired receipt of scholarship funding.

If the scholarship states "LC State Financial Aid Office", information and application materials are available in the LC State Financial Aid Office. If you have difficulty obtaining information from the contacts listed, please feel free to utilize the Financial Aid Office as a resource at any time by emailing us at [email protected].

November 2023 Deadlines

DateScholarship Name/OrganizationQualifications

Driver Education Initiative Award

All majors
See website for essay topics

Mental Health Education Scholarship

Enrolled in studies dealing with the subject of mental health
Essay: questions to be answered provided on their website

December 2023 Deadlines

DateScholarship Name/OrganizatioinQualification

Red Cross Collegiate Leadership Program

Application available on website
Unofficial transcript & resume required

Josh Gibson MD Award

Essay:  Choose a book or poem that changed your mind about how you should lead your life. Explain exactly how and why it did, including steps you have already taken toward that purpose.

Hoggatt Injury Law Scholarship

Parent has been affected by a work-related injury
Minimum GPA 2.5
Essay:  500-1000 words, What are your academic and career goals, and how will this scholarship help you achieve them? In what ways have your parents inspired you to further your education?

North Spore Mycology Scholarship

Must be a student of mycology, a postgraduate student in mycology, or another related study
Essay: 300 words, In studying Mycology, how can you contribute to creating a greener environment?

InfoTracer Scholarship

All majors
Minimum GPA 2.0
Essay: 1000 words, How public records are useful in your chosen career.

January 2024 Deadlines

DateScholarship Name/OrganizationQualifications

Jones T shirts Love Your Career Scholarship

Essay: 1000+ words, Outline at least 3 steps that you plan to take in the next year to start a path towards having a career you love (see website for more detail).
Interview a professional in the field you are looking into (see suggested interview questions on website).
15 Scholarship

Majoring in Computer Science, Technology, Automotive Technology or Computer Information Systems
Minimum GPA 3.0
Letter of recommendation required
Essay: 500 -1000 words, What automotive technology challenges inspire me,

Recovery Ways Scholarship

Pursing a degree/career in behavioral health or healthcare related field
Essay: 500 words, See website for essay topic