Volunteer to help grow your garden!

Garden volunteers are needed year round, and especially during the growing season (April - October). Please email the garden to volunteer individually, as a group, a club or a class. Individuals and groups are given a garden orientation, provided with tools and water, and can volunteer once or multiple times.  No prior garden experience is necessary.

If you have a few minutes to spare on campus, and you'd like to get outside, you can also be a RAK (random act of kindness) gardener.

Students, staff, families on neighborhood walks, community members, and others frequently stop into the garden to look around and may pull a few weeds, trim the mint, or fix bricks that have fallen. These Random Acts of Kindness are appreciated and help our garden grow.

When you come through the garden during growing season, things always need doing such as:

  • The weeds on the bark pathways can be pulled, and, there is bindweed everywhere to pull up, too.
  • Check the beds and water them if they are dry, please re-coil the hose, too.
  • Take some mint and lavender from the herb spirals.
  • Straightening (or even painting) the bricks.

If you find that you are wanting to do more than pulling a few weeds, and need garden tools, we have those available. Please contact the garden for more information.

It is totally normal to not be able to tell the difference between a weed and a wanted plant. Most of them time, before they fruit or flower, you need to have planted them to know which are which. Even then, it can be hard. Don't hesitate to contact the garden and we will arrange for an orientation.