Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Lewis-Clark State College is committed to equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities.  In compliance with applicable state or federal law, the College does not exclude otherwise qualified persons with disabilities from participating in employment opportunities and College programs or activities.

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the College does not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s physical or mental disability. Disability discrimination is the denial of privileges or benefits of education or employment, or the denial of the opportunity to participate in college activities, because of an individual’s actual disability, because of that individual’s record of having a disability, or because that individual is regarded as having a disability.

The College will make reasonable accommodations or program modifications as appropriate to remove any barriers that may exist for an individual with a disability.

It is the disabled individual’s responsibility to begin the reasonable accommodation discussion, and the College’s responsibility to engage in a good-faith interaction with the individual, so that both parties can cooperate to develop a reasonable accommodation.

Any individual with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who believes he or she was discriminated against by a faculty or staff member should use the Discrimination Complaint Procedures. Retaliation against any employee or student for making a complaint is prohibited.

Reasonable Accommodations

LC State is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability and prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals in accordance with applicable laws.

LC State's Accommodation's Policy

Requesting an Accommodation

Any qualified individual with a disability employed at Lewis-Clark State College who needs a reasonable accommodation must complete the following forms to begin the process:

If you are a Qualified Individual with a Disability* and you need reasonable accommodation to participate in the hiring process or in employment if hired for this position, you may contact Human Resource Services at (208) 792-2269 or (208) 792-2872 (fax).

*Qualified Individual with a Disability:  An individual with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act who satisfies the requisite skill, experience, education and other job-related requirements of the employment position, either with or without accommodation.

Confidentiality of Medical Information

By law, HRS maintains medical information related to a request for a reasonable accommodation in a separate, confidential file apart from an employee’s personnel record.

An employee is not required to reveal the diagnosis of his or her condition or the details of medical treatment to a supervisor or coworker.

Complaint Procedures

The College addresses complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability, including failure to accommodate a disability, under its Discrimination Complaint Procedures.