How Do We Assess Effectiveness?

Assessment ensures we are engaging in effective educational practice.

Campus-wide Assessment

A primary focus of annual assessment at LC State is program performance. Virtually all significant operations at LC State are organized as programs, whether they be instructional programs, non-instructional student services, or administrative programs.

The overarching goal of Student Course Evaluations (SCEs) is the continuous improvement of teaching and learning at LC State. SCEs are intended to provide faculty members with student feedback to evaluate, improve, and refine instruction, and the instructional environment.

Student Course Evaluation Calendar (AY22 - AY26)

Student Course Evaluation Example

Student Course Evaluation Reminder Emails

In addition to the processes described above, other forms of assessment and evaluation occur, including college-wide surveys. Collecting and acting upon student feedback is an essential aspect of LC State operations.

Externally Guided Assessment

The Idaho Legislature mandates (Idaho Code 67-1901 through 1905) that all state agencies conduct annual strategic planning and submit performance measurement reports. In compliance with the statute, LC State submits a strategic plan to the State Board of Education each spring for review and approval, followed by a performance measure report which describes progress on a selected set of performance measures.

Assessment is a key focus area for specialized and regional accrediting organizations. LC State is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The purpose of accreditation is to assure the quality and effectiveness of LC State's educational programs and services.

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