Single Sign-On (SSO)

See our side by side comparison for a quick look at the most important changes.

It's like having a master key for all your online stuff! With SSO, you'll use one login for everything, making it easier and safer to access all your favorite platforms and services.

No more juggling multiple passwords or forgetting which one goes where.  Get ready for a smoother, safer online experience.

  • Be A Warrior application system
  • Campus Card system
  • Canvas
  • Do More
  • Google Apps such as Drive and Docs (not LCMail)
  • Handshake
  • Library reservation system and databases
  • Qualtrics
  • Scholarship portal
  • WarriorMail (the new student email powered by Microsoft)
  • WarriorPrint
  • WarriorStudent Wifi
  • WarriorWeb

All official communication will occur through your new Microsoft email account.  Your old LCMail account will still be accessible and announcements regarding future plans will be disclosed in the coming year.  Emails/documents will not be transferred from your LCMail account to the new WarriorMail account (

The new e-mail address domain will be The new email system will be referred to as WarriorMail. This will be a Microsoft account and not a GMail account.  There will be an email sent mid-June/early July to your existing LCMail account with details regarding your new email account username and password.

A SSO solution requires a unique username for every user for every application.  There are inconsistencies with usernames that will require all usernames to be recreated with numbers at the end of the username to ensure consistency across all systems.  

Yes.  Your WarriorWeb password will become the same password you use to log into your account.

The switchover date from the old account to the new account is being finalized.  Estimated timeframe is expected to be in late July/early August.

Keep checking your LCMail account for additional announcements regarding a finalized date.  More communication will be sent mid-June and then again in early July with more details.