Building Use Guidelines

Role:  The Spalding Board (The Board) wishes to ensure that the shared spaces in Spalding Hall are safe, welcoming, and well-maintained.

The Board will review and approve/deny requests for displays and permanent/semi-permanent installations of objects in the public and shared spaces in Spalding Hall (such as Lobby, Conference Room, hallways).  The Board will also establish guidelines for the use of shared spaces (such as the Lobby, Conference Room).


PermanentCurrent Member
Dean, School of Liberal Arts & SciencesMartin Gibbs
Chair, HumanitiesKyle Ferguson
Chair, Social SciencesChris Riggs
Chair, Teacher Education & MathematicsMark Haynal
2 Year Terms (invited by permanent members)
Faculty from one of the SPH divisions, with office in SPHEmily Carstens Namie (2021-2023)
Classified Staff from one of the SPH divisions, with office in SPHKaren Schmidt (2021-2023)

Request and Approval Process:

  • Requests for approval will be submitted to the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences ([email protected]) on the Spalding Hall Use and Display Form.  The Board may request additional information from requesters as needed.
  • The Board may refer certain decisions to other college administrators if appropriate (such as the Director of the Physical Plant, or College Communications, or the VP for Finance & Administration).
  • The Board will meet regularly to conduct business or conduct business by email when it is reasonable to do so.
  • Approvals require four yes votes.
  • The Board reserves the right to request removals of displays/exhibits to allow for new displays/exhibits.

General Guidelines for the Use of Shared Spaces:

  • All Conference room use must be reserved in advance through an Administrative Assistant or Division Chair (shared calendar)
  • Food and beverages should be kept to the side, away from conference room technology.
  • The individual who reserved the room or meeting organizer is responsible for ensuring the room is left clean and ready for the next users.

Acceptable Use:

  • Program Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Search Interviews involving ZOOM technology
  • Exit Interviews that involve multiple people
  • Student Club Meetings when a Faculty Advisor is present
  • Group Advising for special recruitment/advising events (but not regular faculty advising with advisees)

Unacceptable Use (Exceptions can be requested through the Spalding Hall Use and Display Form process):

  • Classes or activities associated with a class (i.e. small group assignments)(use assigned classroom)
  • Faculty Office Hours (use Faculty Office)
  • Make-Up Exams (use Testing Center)
  • Meals (use Break Room)

  • The Lobby is open, public space available to the campus community.
  • If a group wishes to hold a one-time, short term (1-2 hours) event in the Lobby, they can post a sign indicating the intended use (i.e. Honor Society Meeting here 3:00-4:00 pm tomorrow!), but they cannot restrict access to the Lobby during their event.
  • Lobby event attendees should be mindful that faculty offices are nearby and keep noise reasonable during working hours.
  • Organizers of Lobby events are responsible for leaving the area clean.