Borrowing privileges are available to all current LCSC students, faculty, and staff.

The Library requires that all patrons checking out materials present their library cards at the time of check-out. Patron accounts must be cleared of all fines and overdue materials in order to borrow materials.

The following categories have borrowing privileges:

Current LCSC students, faculty, and staff with a current campus ID card.


  • LCSC Emeritus Faculty
  • Dual Credit Students
  • Dental Hygiene Students

The library abides by the American Library Association Code of Ethics which affirms each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

All library patron records and circulation records are confidential. Library employees will not disclose any information concerning your library registration or circulation activity.

In addition, all student information is protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Any requests for patron information should be referred to the Library Director.

In order to preserve an environment conducive to studying, cell phones must be set to a no-ring setting while in the library.

  • Quiet cell phone conversations are allowed on the first floor.
  • Those using the second floor are asked to move to the first floor to answer or make any calls.

The use of cell phones can be distracting to others. Your compliance will help to make the library a productive and comfortable place for all to work, study, and gather.

The library reserves the right to ask an individual to leave the library if he or she is using a cell phone in the library at a level that is disturbing to others.

Most snack food and covered drinks may be consumed in the library, though we ask that they be kept away from our computers and other electronic equipment.

Spills should be reported to a library staff member immediately to ensure quick cleanup.

Meals and excessively messy or aromatic foods should be consumed outside the library.

In order to help fulfill the library mission and role, the Circulation department supports and maintains the collections and serves the students, faculty, staff, and community. The primary goal of the Circulation Department is to offer professional quality and personalized service to its users while maintaining an orderly and well-kept collection.

Circulation department activities include:

  • circulating library materials,
  • creating patron accounts,
  • providing interlibrary loan pickup,
  • collection maintenance,
  • troubleshooting library equipment malfunctions,
  • processing and collecting library fines, and
  • facilitating the check-out/check-in of student laptops.

As an extension of the classroom, the Circulation department maintains the print and electronic reserves system. The library reserve system provides students access to supplemental materials that will enhance their studies outside the classroom.

Circulation goals:

  1. To maintain an orderly library collection in accordance with the Library of Congress Classification System.
  2. Circulate library materials in accordance with circulation procedures.
  3. Check in/out student laptops in accordance with circulation procedures.
  4. Maintain library reserve system in compliance with US Copyright Law.

The library works to maintain an environment conducive to quiet study.

All LCSC students, faculty, and staff must present their current campus ID cards to check out materials.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Lewis-Clark State College Library is currently closed to visitors and guest users.