The Library on the east side of the Library building.

The Library is a great place for students to study, attend zoom classes, work on assignments, and do research. Some of the study places you can find at the Library are tables, study carrels, computers, and study rooms.

There are many items that you can check out using your library card (your WarriorOne card). Some examples are books, DVDs, Dell Laptops, MacBooks, iPads, mini-projectors, Wi-Fi hotspots, and course reserve items. Course reserve items are items professors have placed in the library for you to use for their course.

LC State Campus

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee serves as the primary faculty, student, and staff advisory body to the Director of the Library. Its primary roles in representing campus faculty, students, and staff include...

LC State Campus

Network of Idaho Academic Libraries (NIAL)

The mission of the Network of Idaho Academic Libraries (NIAL) is to leverage the spirit of cooperation inherent in Idaho’s academic library community with…


Check out the numbers for average monthly visitors, Ask a Librarian questions answered, seating capacity, library staff, student workers, library instruction sessions, individual research appointments, etc. for the previous semester (Fall 2020).