Using the Library Computers

Computers are available in the library for use by LC State students, faculty, and staff.  Library computers require login using an active WarriorOne card.

  • Cost:
    • 10¢ / single black-and-white
    • 15¢ / double-sided black-and-white
    • 50¢ / single color
    • 75¢ / double-sided color
    • 45¢ / one side black-and-white and one side color
  • Please use Print Preview to ensure your document is set up to print correctly
  • You may pay with Printing Dollars, cash, or Warrior Bucks

  • Please remember to save your work to a flash drive or in some other way
  • You may save documents to the desktop temporarily, but they will be deleted from the computer after your session ends
  • Once your session ends, the computer will run Deep Freeze
    • Any work saved on the computer will be deleted
    • Once Deep Freeze runs, there is no way to recover your work