March 13th - 17th, 2023

For the past 36 years each Spring Semester, LCSC hosts Native American Awareness Week, which is designed for the LCSC students, faculty, staff and the general public.  The week starts Tuesday, with events, presentations, Friendship Banquet, throughout the week and ends with a Powwow on Friday evening.

Native American Awareness Week Agenda

Date / TimeDescription / Place
March 13

Native American Awareness Week, "Resilience & Vision". Flyer , Powwow Flyer TBA. 

March 14
10:00am-11:15amMini Powwow - Area Fourth grade classes are invited. - P1FCU Activites Center
6:00pm -7:30pmSISTERS RISING is a Documentary story of six Native American women fighting to restore personal and tribal sovereignty in the face of ongoing sexual violence against Indigenous women. Co-Producers Jaida Grey Eagle and Willow O'Feral will join via virtual Q & A. Center for Arts & History (415 Main Street)
March 15
9:30am - 1:00pm"Language Bowl" in collaboration with the LCSC Nez Perce classes and Nez Perce Language teachers and elders, LCSC student Justin Rabago-Johnson will lead lead this special event.  Competition will focus on the Nez Perce Language with winners and categories tbd. WCC
1:30pm  - 2:45pm

"According to Coyote" A vibrant and entertaining anthology of tales featuring the legendary hero of Native American Mythology. According to Coyote is an encounter with the richness and vitality of Native American culture using age-old traditions of music, dance, and theatre. Written by John Kaufman, the play will be performed by Nez Perce actor, Kellen Lewis. Silverthorne Theatre, Admin. Building

March 16
9:00am - 10:15am 

"Nimiipuu Fund" The Nimiipuu Community Development Fund (NCDF) facilitates financial independence by enhancing the personal and entrepreneurial capacity of the Nez Perce Reservation and surrounding communities. Executive Director Jonelle Whitman and Board of Directors member Kermit Mankiller will provide an overview and discussion. WCC

10:30am - 11:45am "LCSC Native American Alumni Women & Entrepreneurship Panel" LCSC Native American Alumni will discuss their business and entrepreneurial journeys in relationship to education, culture, leadership and visions for the future. WCC
12:00 - 1:00pm"STUDENT PANEL" LCSC Native American Student will discuss their educational journeys in relationship to culture , leadership, and visions for the future. Sara George, Justin Rabago-Johnson, Cameron Paradise and Kelani Smith. WCC
1:30pm - 2:45pmNIMIIPUU HA'AYAT - Panel of Nez Perce Women Adoptees: Her story of the Indian Adoption Era (1958-1967) Agnes Weaskus, Linda Dufford, Trae BlackEagle, Velda Penney, Lucinda Simpson, and Facilitated by Myra Campbell. WCC
4:30 pmNative American Alumni Chapter meeting.  WCC
6:00pm - 7:30pmLCSC Native American Awareness Week Friendship Banquet or Reception (Student Acknowledgements & Lifetime Achievement Award presented) WCC
March -17
7:00pm - 11:30pmLCSC Native American Awareness Week Closing Powwow, Scholarship Raffle. PIFCU Activity Center.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year the Native American Club students at Lewis-Clark State College take time to recognize a member of the region's indigenous community for his or her life-long contributions to the continued existence of Native communities, values and lives.

  • 1988     David Miles Sr.
  • 1989     Margaret Rogers
  • 1990     Oliver Frank
  • 1991     Frank Penny Sr.
  • 1992     Rose Frank
  • 1993     Wilfred Scott
  • 1994     Katherine Ramsey
  • 1995     Horace Axtell
  • 1996     Richard Halfmoon
  • 1997     Frances Paisano
  • 1998     Elsie Frank
  • 1999     Allen Slickpoo Sr.
  • 2000     Josephine Hayes
  • 2001     Ipsus Nute (Jesse Greene)
  • 2002     Cecil Carter
  • 2003     Bessie Scott
  • 2004     Rosa Yearout
  • 2005     Lucille Wilson
  • 2006     Rachel Zumwalt
  • 2007     Connie Evans
  • 2008     Gilbert Towner
  • 2009     Jim Spencer
  • 2010     Delores Lookingglass Wheeler
  • 2011     Wallace Wheeler
  • 2012     Katherine Powaukee
  • 2013     Loretta "Chet" Halfmoon
  • 2014     Florene Davis
  • 2015     Leroy Seth
  • 2016     Benjamin "Badge" Arthur Sr.
  • 2017     Jim McCormack
  • 2018     Estelline "Essie" Carter
  • 2019     Allen Pinkham Sr.
  • 2020     Lee Bourgeau
  • 2021     Mary Jane Miles
  • 2022     Vera Sonneck
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