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North Central Idaho SBDC highlights three October videos

LEWISTON, Idaho – Growing a business from a physical presence to online, email marketing basics, and search engine optimization are among the free video topics being highlighted for October by the North Central Idaho Small Business Development Center at Lewis-Clark State College.

The North Central Idaho SBDC provides no-cost business consulting, financial and marketing analysis, startup support, strategy and plan development assistance, and data and practical information for entrepreneurs and small business owners in north central Idaho.

The first topic is “Growing a Business from Brick-and-Mortar to Click-And-Mortar” and features three videos about 35 minutes in length total. Eric Spellmann, president of Spellmann & Associates, will discuss online advertising, privacy policies, choosing a domain name, and online visitors. The videos should help with online written content, resources and links.

“Marketing Basics Part V: Email Marketing Basics” consists of two videos that cover about 55 minutes. The speaker is Corissa Saint Laurent, a professional speaker, marketer and entrepreneur, who will discuss how email marketing fits into the customer’s journey. She will talk about how to get people to sign-up for emails, audience and targeting segmentation, and how to turn emails into impactful campaigns.

The final subject is on “Search Engine Optimization” and consists of 28 minutes total on three video. Spellmann discusses Google, website content, information on how Google ranks websites, tips on how to obtain a better Google search ranking for a website, and more.

To register for these or other Accelerating Business Success Video Webinar courses, visit For more information on the North Central Idaho SBDC located at LC State, visit or call 208-792-2465.