Health Requirements & Background Check Info

This information is intended for students with full or provisional admission into either the BSN (Basic and LPN to BSN tracks) or Radiographic Science (AS).

These requirements will be tracked on Complio and are the student's responsibility to cover fees associated with this tracker.

Health Requirements

Students must maintain continuous personal health insurance coverage throughout the program.

American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR certification

COVID-19 (Updated 12/20/2022)

As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, we work with our clinical agency partners to provide the best learning opportunities for Nursing & Health Sciences students. Our healthcare partner agencies have specific health and background check requirements for all students that engage in practicum experiences at their facilities. It is important to understand that clinical agencies may update health requirements at any time and as of this date, many clinical agencies to which NHS program students are assigned require COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of engaging in clinical activities at their facilities. Additionally, at this time, some clinical agencies allow for medical or religious exemptions and some do not. All students must meet the onboarding requirements of the clinical agencies to which they are assigned. Inability to meet onboarding requirements may result in an inability to successfully complete practicum courses. For further questions, consult with your NHS academic advisor.

Appointments can be made with LCSC Student Health Services (208-792-2251), Health Department (208-799-3100), or personal care provider for immunizations or titre levels.

Learning Modules must be completed annually

  1. Go to
  2. Create your CPNW account and wait for approval.
  3. Access the learning modules by going to My Dashboard and clicking on “eLearning” under Clinical Prerequisites.
  4. Complete each of the learning modules. Complete a review of the tutorials and take the quiz at the end of each (click on "TAKE EXAM").
  5. After completing each quiz, your score will be automatically posted to your Compliance Records. Once you have completed all quizzes, you may download and print the results (summary report). Keep this report attached to your Passport and write the date of completion on the Passport form.

For questions, please email Trena Lawen ([email protected]) or Jenna Chambers ([email protected])

Background Check

A seven year criminal history background check is required annually. Please see our NHS Student Handbook for details.

Additional Information

Do not attempt to create a Complio account before you've been formally admitted to the program. Package code information will be given at orientation.

Your tracker must be completed by the deadline provided in the provisional acceptance letter, so begin gathering your immunization records as soon as possible.

  • If requirements are not met by the deadline, the applicant’s name will be removed from the admitted student list, and the space will be given to a student from the alternate list.
  • Annual updates are required.  Students are responsible for maintaining currency and accuracy of health insurance, health records, CPR and the background check throughout their time in the program. Renewal fees apply.
  • NHS Program policies & information can be found in NHS Student Handbook.