Pre-Licensure BSN Clinical & Classroom Requirements

This information is intended for provisional and fully admitted nursing students in the Pre-Licensure and LPN to BSN tracks. Details will be given at orientation.


Students are expected to purchase (2) sets of uniforms specifically selected to represent the nursing program.  The uniform includes stethoscope, bandage scissors, protective eyewear, a watch with a second hand, and shoes that are to be worn only in the clinical setting.

Clinical Experiences

Clinical experiences are sometimes conducted in outlying areas – Orofino, Pullman/Moscow, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Pomeroy, Grangeville, Clarkston, etc.  Clinicals are held at variable times (day, evening and night shifts).  All students should anticipate travel, variable shifts, and 8-12 hour clinical shifts.  All clinical locations and schedules are subject to change.  Students are required to provide their own transportation and bear the expenses for all travel and housing related to clinical experiences.

  • We understand that student lives are busy with family and work commitments.  However, the commitment to enter into a nursing program indicates that the student is prepared to manage family and work issues; these are not a reason for lack of preparation for clinical experiences or class.

Classroom Courses

Attendance is required for all courses in the nursing program. Students should notify instructors of absences due to illnesses.

Extended absences due to illness or emergencies could result in an inability to complete a course and course failure; students should seek advice from their faculty advisor when serious illness or other emergencies require an extended absence from classes. A failure of any course in the nursing program means that students cannot progress to the next semester. These students are automatically withdrawn from the nursing program.

It is the student’s responsibility to seek help at the first sign that he or she might not be successful in a course.


Access to a computer and the internet is required. Courses are presented using an online format to disperse course information at a minimum and online coursework is a possibility. Computers are available for use by students on campus, but most students find personal laptop computers to be convenient. Students should be familiar with computer use, word processing skills, and internet use.

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) is provided to LC State students at no cost. Get Microsoft Office for Free using your LCMail e-mail account. Support provided by IT Helpdesk.