Environmental Studies

Examine the relationship of humans, science and the environment and make a positive impact on our world.

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Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that introduces you to basic environmental science and enhances your understanding of the social, political, economic, cultural, and philosophical dimensions of the human-environment relationship. Introductory courses in the minor provide a foundation in environmental science and basic geography. Upper-division courses examine the interrelationship of humans and natural and built environments, the socio historical roots of current environmental problems, the competing values and ethical dilemmas involved in environmental issues, the role of science in environmental issues and policy, and representations of nature in art and literature. 

Related Careers

• Physical scientists, $83,250
• Environmental scientists and specialists, $73,230
• Environmental engineer, $92,120
• Environmental science and protection technicians, $46,850
• Social workers, $51,760

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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