Forensic Science

Use this minor to jump start your way to becoming a forensic scientist, a crime scene investigator, or starting grad school.

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The minor in Forensic Science provides you with an understanding of the concepts and principles of applying scientific inquiry to questions in forensic investigations. You will be exposed to a wide range of scientific disciplines with a specific focus on the laboratory techniques and instrumentation used most commonly in the analysis of chemical, biological and other forms of evidence. The minor is especially valuable for students in Justice Studies who want to develop a deeper appreciation of how forensic science informs ongoing criminal and civil investigations. It is also a suitable springboard if you wish to pursue graduate work in the forensic science field. The minor is not solely, or even primarily, for Natural Sciences & Mathematics majors. Students from many allied programs, including Kinesiology, pre-Nursing and Education, often pursue this minor.

Related Careers

• Forensic science technician, $60,590
• Private detective and investigator, $53,200
• Detective and criminal investigator, $67,290

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“The Natural Sciences & Mathematics Division at LC offers everything students need for pursuing medical school and other professional programs. LC prepared me for graduate school in countless ways. Most important and influential to me was the dedicated faculty and staff who got to know me personally.” - Donnie Lao ‘12

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