Hospitality Management

Embark on a career in the exciting and fast-paced world of hotels, dining, events, travel, tourism, and more.

Degree Options Associate, Certificate
Locations Lewiston

Students enrolled in the Hospitality Management program receive relevant and industry-driven instruction, with professional technical skills training in the field of hospitality management, travel and tourism.  Hands-on instruction combined with up-to-date theory provided by some of the leading experts in the industry, begins with the “Semester of Exploration” which leads to “Pathways” or emphasis in areas of concentration such as Food & Beverage Management, Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts and Hotel/Resort Management, and Front Office Management. The unique delivery aspect of the Hospitality Management program not only focuses on the technical skills needed, but this program incorporates the vital business and marketing “Owner’s Mindset,” industries design components, management fundamentals, and ethics needed to give students the knowledge to be successful and Do More.


  • Hospitality Management (AAS)
  • Hospitality Management-Culinary Arts (AAS)
  • Hospitality Management-Hotel/Resort Management (AAS)
  • Hospitality Management (ATC)
  • Food & Beverage Management (ITC)
  • Front Office Management (ITC)

Related Careers

  • Supervisor of food workers, $38,220
  • First line supervisor of food preparation workers, $34,570
  • Lodging manager, $56,670
  • Food Service manager, $56,590
  • Travel agent, $42,350

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

"I received a 12-week internship at Costco, that enabled me to learn about Costco from the ground up. The teachers are excellent and care about their students, focusing on the foundation they can set for your future." - Connie Garcia, AAS, BAS

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