Specialize in literacy and open a world of opportunity for students through reading and enhance your career prospects at the same time.

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The K-12 Literacy Endorsement is recognized by the State of Idaho as authorization to teach reading at any grade level, K-12. Completion of this endorsement and an approved teacher education program enables graduates to perform the duties of a reading teacher, and to act as reading resource teachers and consultants on reading improvement in their own buildings. This endorsement is also a valuable addition to all teaching majors at both the elementary and secondary levels, helping prospective teachers learn to deal more effectively with struggling readers in their own classrooms, as well as to encourage reading development and enrichment among all students. A strength of the program is the inclusion of supervised practicums, which allows persons opportunities to work with a wide variety of readers. The Praxis II exam required for a Literacy endorsement is Reading Specialist (#5206).

Related Careers

• Elementary and middle school teacher, $59,410
• Secondary school teacher, $63,400
• Special Education teacher, $62,870
• Librarian, $50,860
• Adult literacy, ESL, and GED teaching, $55,350
• Instructional coordinator, $66,970

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“I am so grateful to have earned LC’s literacy endorsement as it has greatly prepared me in meeting the diverse needs of my young readers...” - Samantha Smith, 3rd grade teacher

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Minor: Literacy - Teaching Endorsement, Grades K-12

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