Theatre & Performing Arts

Enjoy the thrill of performing and the beauty of art and develop a holistic understanding of the human psyche through storytelling along the way.

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Theatre is an excellent way for you to enhance your education through developing artistic sensitivity and learning to work collaboratively with fellow artists. The Theatre minor develops a holistic understanding of the human psyche through live storytelling. Theatre classes and productions emphasize awareness and acceptance of socio-economic, racial, religious, and ethnic differences within a global society. Students who take risks through developing a character, or who desire to learn organization, design, and/or theatrical direction will benefit from the Theatre minor.

The fine and performing arts minor provides an opportunity for students to cultivate their interests in the arts. Students who are interested in developing skills in an interdisciplinary manner have an opportunity to explore all of the arts programs the college has to offer including creative writing, theatre and music performances, as well as fine arts skills. This is a performance-based minor, meaning that in each of the courses offered the student is involved in the creation and performance of art. Students must complete one course in at least three of the four performance areas: creative writing, music, theater, and art and complete a total of 21 credits for the minor.

Related Careers

• Actor, $21.88 per hour
• Producer and director, $76,400
• Art director, $97,270
• Art and design workers, $49,600
• Set and exhibit designers, $58,150

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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