Parking Services

Effective August 1, 2021, it is illegal to back into any parking stalls on campus. Violations of this provision may result in a $15 fine. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Public Safety Department.

Anyone parking on campus on a regular basis will need to purchase a parking permit. Please fill out the online form and then bring your registration number/or student ID to the Security office with the appropriate payment. We accept cash, check, and card.

Campus Map

Parking Permit Pricing

Annual Pass: $75
Fall Semester: $50
Spring/Summer Semester: $50
Second Vehicle: $25
Replacement: $25

Visitor or Guest Parking

Complimentary passes may be obtained from the Security Office during normal business hours. Passes may also be requested prior to visiting the campus by emailing [email protected]

Special Events

A special event is defined as any event on the LC State campus that expects guests in attendance other than employees and students; an event that invites the public onto the campus and therefore requires parking needs not addressed by standard parking permits. Examples include, but not limited to: athletic events, conferences, performances, and entertainment events that are open to the public. For more information contact Security or Events at 208-792-2644.

Parking Regulations

The purpose of the parking regulations is to provide maximum safety and convenience for faculty, staff, students and visitors; to protect college property, and to expedite college business.