Special Use Parking Permits

All vehicles on any LC State property must have a valid LC State parking permit unless parked on the street.

Division Parking Passes

Division passes are available to all divisions for guest use. Any faculty, staff or student found using the permit is subject to a fine and revocation of the division pass.

Vendor Parking Passes

Vendor passes are available through the Public Safety office. Contact Public Safety at 208-792-2226 or in MLH; 110 for more information on how to obtain a vendor pass.

Event Parking

A special event is defined as any event on the LC State campus that expects guests in attendance other than employees and students; an event that invites the public onto the campus and therefore requires parking needs not addressed by standard parking permits. Examples include, but are not limited to: athletic events, conferences, performances, and entertainment events that are open to the public.

Please coordinate with Events & Conferences and the Department of Public Safety for more information and to discuss parking needs for your event.