Lewiston water update

Updated: 01/27/2023 9:31 AM

The City of Lewiston has announced that Lewiston residents can again consume tap water as normal. Water consumption on LC State's campus returns to normal.

WORKS is a web-based application, through the Bank of America, that offers a complete set of features that automates expense approval and allocation of the P-Card purchases. It provides a post-purchase reconciliation process that adheres to the State of Idaho purchasing policies and procedures.

A WORKS Quick Reference Guide is available with step-by-step instructions for the common tasks performed within the WORKS application.

Here is a sample template for a P-Card Expense Record Log. You can use this as is, modify as needed, or create your own.

Update your P-Card transactions throughout the month. At the first of each month make your final adjustments and sign off prior to the cutoff or 'sweep' date.  If no account changes are made the default account will be used to expense the transactions to the Colleague system.

For each transaction you will need a valid receipt, which must contain the following:

  1. Vendor name and remittance address
    -For receipts, if this information is not printed on the receipt, ask the vendor to stamp or print the business name and address on the receipt.
  2. Date of purchase
  3. Detailed description of the purchase
    -Itemized descriptions for each item purchased, including quantity and price
  4. Total amount paid
    a. Sales tax should not be included on any purchases of goods or services received in Idaho
  5. Method of Payment
    a. Invoices should show that the transaction was paid in full with a credit card, preferably with the last four digits of the card charged.

Sign into the Works website here.


Sign off on your January transactions by Friday, February 3rd, 2023. 

The next P-Card transaction sweep will occur at 12:00 a.m. on Monday, February 6th, which means that the last workday to sign off on your January transactions is Friday, February 3rd.

(If you are working on the weekend, you have until midnight on Sunday, February 5th.)