8-Week Sections

Each semester we offer a limited number of accelerated 8-week courses.  These sections are identified by an "A" or "B" following the section number.  Before enrolling in these sections, please be aware of the following:

  • All 8-week courses have a shorter 3-week refund period which differs from the traditional semester.
  • A registration hold will be placed on your records after Day 5 to allow us the opportunity to advise you on how your enrollment changes could impact you financially. Both Student Accounts and Financial Aid will provide you with information to consider before your request is processed.
  • Your charges and financial aid awards are based on your total enrolled credits for the semester, including all traditional semester and 8-week courses.
  • If you are a federal financial aid recipient, be sure to obtain enrollment confirmation at the start of each class to prevent issues with your student account or financial aid eligibility.
  • Once your schedule (and financial aid award letter, if applicable) is finalized, please contact Student Accounts (208-792-2790, RCH 102)  to discuss payment plan options if your balance will not be paid in full by the fee payment deadline on Day 5 of the semester.


8-Week Student Handout

8-Week Timeline