Apply for Graduation

The graduation application is available on WarriorWeb. The application covers graduation term, whether the graduate is walking in the commencement ceremony, and number of guests attending (up to 4).

Graduation Application Instructions

**As of Spring 2021, advisors no longer need to approve their advisees to graduate. Students will initiate the application processes themselves via WarriorWeb.

Once you submit your graduation application, you must pay the $25 fee. If you plan to graduate in more than one program, you must apply for each degree program separately and pay $25 per application. The graduation application fee covers the cost of:

  1. Diploma paper, printing, and mailing
  2. Diploma cover (received at Commencement, or picked up at Registrar’s Office)
  3. One official transcript (“official” in sealed envelope; “unofficial” if seal is broken. The transcript and envelope will be stamped "Issued to Student". If you plan to send this copy elsewhere, please confirm that the organization will accept it from you as the student. If they will not, please visit our transcript order page.)

Application Deadlines

**Any applications for spring graduation submitted after the Dec. 1 deadline may result in exclusion from the Commencement Program.