A Non-Resident is Any Student Who:

  1. Does not qualify for residency under the above options; or
  2. Attends an Institution with financial assistance from another country or governmental unit or agency thereof, such non-residency continuing for 1 year after completion of the term for which such assistance is last provided; or
  3. Is not a citizen of the United States, unless the student can provide verification of lawful presence in the United States.  “Lawful presence” is verified through the means set forth in Idaho Code, 67-7903.  A non-citizen student who can provide verification of lawful presence in the United States must meet one of the seven pathways to establish residency set forth above.

Continuously Resided:

Means has maintained a physical presence in Idaho for 12 consecutive months.  An independent student must have continuously resided in Idaho for the 12 months prior to the term for which residency is sought.  Evidence of physical presence in Idaho might include:  utility statements; rental agreement; bank statements; documentation from Idaho employer, etc.

Primarily Educational Purposes:

Means enrollment in 12 or more credit hours at an Idaho institution in any term during the past 12 months.

Armed Forces:

Means the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the reserve forces of those groups and does not include the National Guard or any other reserve force.