Residency Determination

Based on the information provided on the college admission application, a residency status (Idaho resident, Asotin County resident, or non-resident) is determined.

Students who wish to appeal their residency status must complete one of the Residency Determination Worksheets below, which is then submitted to the Registrar.  In the event your residency status should change, your updated status will be reflected in your student account statement.

Residency Determination Worksheet - Asotin County
Residency Determination Worksheet - Idaho Resident

Tuition Rates Based on Residency:

Tuition and fees will differ depending on your determined residency status. For more information about In-state, Asotin County, and Non-resident tuition rates, please visit the Student Account Services page.

Becoming an Idaho Resident

Review the following documents to determine if you are an Idaho resident for fee paying purposes:

Fact Sheet: Idaho Residency Determination Process
Residency Visual
Fact Sheet: Idaho Residency Pathway