Tuition and Fees


Full Time Tuition & Fees (12-19 credits) Idaho Resident$3,491$6,982
Full Time Tuition & Fees (12-19 credits) Non-Resident$10,119$20,238
Full Time Tuition & Fees (12-19 credits) Asotin County Resident$5,526$11,052
Part Time Tuition & Fees (10-11 credits) - flat rate$3,491$6,982
Part Time (9 or fewer credits)$356 per credit
Overload (20+ credits) in addition to full time rate$356 per credit
Summer Session Fees$356 per credit
Additional course specific fees are listed on Warrior Web on the "Section Selection Results" pagevaries
Graduate Tuition
Part Time (1-8 credits) Graduate Tuition & Fees $450 per credit
Full Time (9+ credits) Graduate Tuition & Fees - Idaho Resident$4500$9,000
Full Time (9+ credits) Graduate Tuition & Fees - Non Resident$11,128$22,256
LC State charges students by the credit for part-time enrollment. Undergraduate students enrolling in 12 - 19 credits and graduate students enrolling in 9+ credits are charged a flat rate for fall, spring and summer semesters. Students who are not Idaho residents will incur non-resident tuition when registering full-time. Please review the Tuition & Fee Schedule for details on how fees are assessed. The Student Tuition & Fees breakdown link will provide details on how the fees are distributed. For information about campus housing and meals please contact Residence Life
Some students are eligible for reduced fees. This includes high school students who are dual enrolled (taking classes at the high school and earning college credit), as well as Idaho Senior Citizens and employees of the college. For details about reduced fees, please contact Student Accounts.

2021-2022 Tuition Assistance (DoD MOU) Rates

The following rates are provided specifically to support the Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance (TA) MOU and should not be used for billing purposes. These figures include only the tuition portion of the rates approved by the Idaho State Board of Education and flat-rates have been converted to per credit based on total program credits and anticipated costs for each program level.

In-State Part-Time$308.75$402.75
In-State Full-time$242.75$522.93
Out-of-State Part-Time$308.75$402.75
Out-of-State Full-time$795.08$1406.67