Disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed for a violation the Student Code of Conduct are listed here in order of their severity:

  • Warning;
  • Probation (with terms and length as determined by the person levying the sanction);
  • Withheld suspension (failure to comply with the terms of withheld suspension may result in immediate suspension from college. Withheld suspension may also be a “delayed” suspension whereby a student is permitted to remain enrolled for the duration of the current term but will not be permitted to enroll in subsequent terms unless certain conditions are met);
  • Suspension (removal from the College for a specific length of time, e.g., semester or academic year) which may include readmission following the suspension period subject to an additional period of probation or withheld suspension. Students who are suspended will have this sanction noted on their official college transcript;
  • Expulsion (indefinite removal from College) which may include being banned from campus property. Students who are expelled will have this sanction noted on their official college transcript.

*Suspension or expulsion can occur even after a student withdraws if the withdrawal occurred while Student Code of Conduct charges were pending.

The person or Board levying or recommending the sanction may also impose or recommend any combination of the following and may also include them as terms of probation:

  • Community service (to be performed for a specific period of time under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee);
  • Fines not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200);
  • Restitution of damages;
  • Special sanctions deemed appropriate and reasonable by the person or Board levying or recommending the sanctions (e.g., counseling, restrictions on behavior or requiring letters of apology to be written);
  • Administrative fees not exceeding fifty dollars ($50).

Until fines or restitution have been paid, the College may deny a student the privilege of re-registering, may hold transcripts and/or diplomas, and may refuse to release information based on the student’s records.

In situations involving violations of city, state, and/or federal law, violence, or threats, the police may be informed of the occurrence.

Sanctions affecting a student’s residence in college-controlled housing may be imposed. These sanctions are loss of privileges within the living group and temporary or permanent removal from college-controlled housing. Students may be banned from further visitation.

Sanctions already imposed by civil or criminal process may be taken into account when any college sanction is imposed.

Extensive, organized, serious or repeated violations of this Code are taken into account when determining the appropriate sanction.