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Creating After Action Report

After action reports are due within the same fiscal year as your awarded activity. After Action reports must contain: a brief but detailed report of the activity, detailed budget outline (list of all expenses and total cost), copies of all expense receipts (Requisitions, IDG's, travel vouchers (including hotel and flight receipts) etc.)

Please list LC email
Please list LC email
Event Information
Select a date
Select a date
please include the impact to the overall RSO and/or campus as a whole
Funding Information
list overall expense total
break down how much was spent and specifically on what
requisitions, IDGs, travel, etc.

Transfer Process

Once your after action report has been received and reviewed funds will be transferred to your club account on the next transfer date. Transfer dates: Sept 15, Dec 15, March 15 or June 15. Thank you for completing your after action report for the ASLCSC Grant.

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