$6 an hour a person
If you play a lot, a month's pass will be very economical (but court time is not guaranteed).
- $48 a month for anyone 59 years and younger
- $36 a month for anyone 60 years and above
- $72 a month for a family with children under 18 living at home
(children over 18 not living at home will be charged the hourly fee or $48 a month fee)
-$54 a month for married spouses 60 years and above
$7 a person an hour for weekday shared junior lessons (weekends are $10 an hour)
$14 a person for weekday individual lessons (weekends are $20 an hour)
$10 a person an hour for weekday shared adult lessons (weekends are $15 an hour)
$20 a person an hour for weekday individual lessons (weekends are $30 an hour)
Prices will be published accordingly
Labor Charge for stringing will start at $14 and max at $20. 
Grommet replacement will be between $10 to $20 depending on the brand/model.
Stringing prices (which include strings and labor) will range from $24 to $50
Overgrips range from $2-$3  (includes labor)
Replacement grips range from $10 to $18 (includes labor)
Penn Championships - $3.00 a can
Wilson US Open - $4 a can

Playing Rates

Type of fee60 years and above59 years and underFull time or part time (9hrs min.) LCSC Student or Full time faculty/staff (30hrs min.)
One person, 1 month pass$36$48Free
Married couple living in the same house, 1 month$54$72Free

Racquet Rates

We also offer: 
Head guard/grommet installation (labor only): $10-15.
Grip or overgrip replacement: $2 - $10.
String/racquet frame recommendation: Free of charge
String typeNylon/ Synthetic GutPolyester HybridFull PolyesterNatural GutLabor Only (you provide strings)
Price Range$24-$30$24-$30$26-$35$65 and up$15-$20 depending on racquet and urgency

Lesson Rates

Types of lessons offered:

  • Instructional sessions: You get to pick what skills sets to wish to develop.
  • Hitting sessions: Where you you get an instructor to be your hitting partner.
  • Hitting and instructional sessions: Where you will receive strategical tips via playing.
Weekdays (Summer)Weekends (Summer)
Juniors (two people or more)$7/hour a person
$15/hour if you are the only one in attendance
$10/hour a person
Adults (two people or more)$10/hour a person
$20/hour a person if you are the only person in attendance
$15/hour a person
Individual Lessons$25-50/hour $25-50/hour
Daily group lessons will begin June 14th
until August 19 2021
9am-10am Beginning Juniors
(Grades 1-6)

10am-11am Intermediate Juniors
(Grades 7-8)

11am-1pm High School Varsity and top JV levels
(Grades 9-12)

1:30-3:30pm Junior High Ages (all levels) and lower JV
(Grades 7-12)

Times can be arranged by texting 208-305-3664

Contact Information

Tennis Center

Tennis Center

4th Street & 10th Avenue

Lewiston, ID 83501

We're open under COVID regulations, call us for more details