Alternate Test Services may include a student needing an alternate testing room (a noise-reduced environment) and/or an extended testing time outside of the in-class time period. A faculty member will receive a Faculty Notification form identifying the student and detailing the specific accommodation.

With this accommodation, the student is responsible for:

  • Scheduling exams with the Testing Center prior to testing
  • Notifying your instructor and requesting the test be sent to the Testing Center in time for scheduled test.
  • If a test is missed, immediately contacting your instructor to request permission to schedule and contacting the Testing Center to reschedule.

With this accommodation, the instructor is responsible for:

  • Communicating with your student about test(s) schedule.
  • Communicating with the Testing Center concerning handling of test material and any special instructions (open book, notes etc.), including approvals for late testing taking by submitting the On Campus Accommodation Testing Cover Sheet.

With this accommodation, the Testing Center is responsible for:

  • Proctoring the test in an ethical, secure manner, in compliance with the policies of the Testing Center.
  • Adhering to all instructor instructions for administering the test, including, but not limited to, monitoring student use of notes, books, and other resources allowed, test-taking time limit, and test availability dates.
  • Securing and returning completed tests to instructors in a reasonable amount of time, based upon instructions given in the On Campus Accommodations Testing Cover Sheet.

Note card accommodation

The note card allows students to demonstrate knowledge of the course material by helping prompt their memory, not by providing the answer. It gives students an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material on a quiz or exam without taxing already compromised memory function.

This accommodation is not intended to reduce academic requirement or alter the standards by which academic performance is assessed.

Note card Policy for students

Note card Policy for faculty