Designated Signature Authority for LC State

Under no circumstances is the college or the State of Idaho bound to any agreement that is not signed by an authorized party.

Policy 4.131 explains the full scope of Contract Management at LC State.

  • Contracts, Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings, Memorandum of Authorizations, etc. must be processed through the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  • The president or the vice president for Finance and Administration are the only authorized representatives of Lewis-Clark State College to enter into and execute contracts binding the college.

The table below indicates designated authority given to staff members in order to expedite processes that are repetitive in nature and where there are no alterations to agreed on language in the contract.

Authorized Signature AuthorityLimited Use of AuthorityTime Frame AuthorizedAuthorized by:
Jessica WaddingtonPurchasing ContractsAnnually ReviewedVice President Julie Crea
Grace AndersonGrant ContractsAnnually ReviewedVice President Julie Crea