Arboretum Committee

The LC State Arboretum Committee was approved by the President Council in 2008, and then had its inaugural meeting in 2010 as the Arborteum Project. While responsibility for campus trees is assigned to the LC State Physical Plant, the Arboretum Committee assists by providing guidance for future planning, input to a comprehensive campus tree plan, education of the campus community about the benefits of trees, and development of a community connection related to our campus and community trees.

Duties of the Committee

  • Classifying, cataloging, and placarding of trees/ plants on campus
  • Developing educational opportunities/activities for students/ community
  • Planning for maintenance, removal (as required), and replacement of trees/ shrubs
  • Planning for other botanical exhibits on campus
  • Organizing campus or community support/fund-raising
  • Organizing an Arbor Day celebration each year

Committee Members

The committee members will serve for a minimum of one year with an option for renewing the following year.

Committee members are expected to actively participate and contribute in developing policy and guidelines for the tree care plan.  No set number of committee members is required; however, the committee must always include a representative from the following groups:

  • LC State Student
  • LC State Faculty Member
  • LC State Physical Plant staff
  • Community (preferably city forester, municipal arborist, or landscape architect)

When new members for the committee need to be recruited, the Arboretum Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for nominating new members.

Current Committee Members

NameStaff, Faculty, Student
or Community Member
Job Title
Carrie Kyser, ChairStaffInstructional Designer (Landscape Architect)
Tim BarkerCommunityDirector, Lewiston Parks and Recreation
Wayne BolonStaffLandscape Foreman, Physical Plant
Don BrighamCommunityCommunity Member, Landscape Architect
Julie CreaStaffVice President for Finance & Administration
Rhett DiessnerFacultyProfessor of Psychology
Jeanette GaraFacultyAdjunct Faculty, Natural Sciences and Kinesiology; LCSC Learning Garden Founder
Tom GarrisonStaffDirector, Physical Plant
Jenni LightFacultyProfessor of Engineering
Bill MalcolmCommunityNormal Hill Cemetery & Arboretum
Angie McClainStaffAdministrative Assistant, Physical Plant
Gabe MowryStudentASLCSC President (started fall 2020)
Ben StowellStudentWork Scholar (ended May 2020)