Fleet Management

LC State college's fleet management program's purpose is to ensure that vehicles and motorized equipment are selected, acquired, utilized and maintained in a manner that provides the best possible support for operations through economical and environmentally responsible fleet management. Additionally, LC conducts an annual inventory of all state vehicles and follows a maintenance schedule for each vehicle based on the manufacturer and State of Idaho recommendations.

Drivers will maintain the proper operator license for the vehicle.

Drivers will comply with all federal, state and local laws relating to the operation of assigned vehicle equipment.

Inspections of vehicle/equipment will take place prior to each use. The inspection will include, but is not be limited to the following safety items depending upon the vehicle or equipment type:

  • Water and oil levels
  • Foot and emergency brake
  • Head, tail and brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Tire pressure and tire condition
  • Windshield wipers and cleaner
  • Mirrors
  • Visual damage (dents, large scratches, cracked windows, etc.)

Report deficiencies to immediate supervisor that are discovered through operator’s inspection, which are beyond the operator’s capability to repair. The immediate supervisor will be responsible for referring the repairs to the appropriate department.

The operator of a vehicle will not not put the vehicle or equipment in motion until all occupants are restrained by seatbelts or other appropriate protective equipment depending on the vehicle.

The department will not install, nor allow to be installed, any additional electrical or electronic equipment such as stereo, CB’s, light, light chargers and radio chargers in any LCSC vehicle/equipment. Equipment of this type will be installed by an approved vendor.

All accidents must be reported immediately in accordance with the LCSC Safety Policy 3.135.

In the case of after hours tire repair or towing service being required, the vehicle operator will seek tire repair and towing service that can provide services in a manner to ensure the safety of the driver and occupants.

Specific maintenance requirements can be found in the Fleetio app for each vehicle.

General requirements may include:

  • Oil changes to be performed every 6,000 miles or 6 months
  • Tire rotations to be performed within 90,000 miles or at the time of the tire rotation, whichever is sooner
  • Brake inspections to be performed within 15,000 miles

Maintenance issues should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

In the case of an accident, immediately contact Public Safety and the Lewiston Police Department. Further instructions can be found regarding damage to college owned or leased vehicles here: Reporting Damage to College Owned or Leased Vehicles, https://www.lcsc.edu/administrative-services/risk-management/vehicles.

Annual Vehicle Inventory Process

As stated in Idaho Code § 67-5746, agency directors shall be responsible for conducting an annual inventory of all personal property by the first week of March of each fiscal year. 


February 1: A list of vehicles will be emailed to each department for physical confirmation of details such as VIN, Odometer reading, active or inactive vehicle, location of vehicle, any known mechanical issues.

February 1-25: Administrative Services will compare these vehicle lists from multiple sources:

  • Idaho Department of Transportation, DMV
  • Colleague Asset Inventory
  • Origami Insured Vehicle List
  • Fleetio App Vehicle List

February 25 - March 1: Final review with VP for Finance and Administration

March 1: Send final vehicle audit list to State Risk Administration

March 1 - March 31: Complete any necessary corrections to various lists noted above.

Fleetio is the fleet management software tool used by Lewis-Clark State College to keep vehicles and state equipment running smoothly.

Drivers of state vehicles use this app to gather data such as fuel consumption, regularly scheduled maintenance, and to record any mechanical failures or vehicle accidents.