Records Management

Records management programs are initiated to help organizations save time, money, storage space, and to comply with legal retention requirements.

LC State Retention Schedule

Administrative Services Retention Schedule

Admissions Retention Schedule

IT Retention Schedule 

Purchasing Retention Schedule 

Provost Office Retention Schedule 

Workforce Training Retention Schedule 

The retention periods listed are the minimum requirements set by the SBOE or LCSC. Retention periods will only increase if changed.

The State Board of Education SBOE Records Retention Schedule 

Note: The "Retaining Department" has a higher retention for a document than the office carrying the duplicate copy. Do not use another department's retention to address your retention needs, call Administrative Services. The LC State schedule above is a better indication of true retention periods taking into account the "office of origin." All records schedules are evolving schedules due to changing needs and requirements. When storing boxed records use the LC State box label.

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