Prior Learning Assessment

At LC State, we recognize that learning can happen outside the classroom. Prior learning assessment (PLA) is the awarding of credit for college level learning that you may have acquired. PLA gives you an opportunity to demonstrate learning that has taken place through CLEP exams, certifications, work experience, military training, volunteer work, and elsewhere.

Prior Learning Assessment Options

Credit for military training and experience is available to degree seeking LCSC students or post baccalaureate students currently enrolled at LCSC.  The assessment and transcription of credit for military training and experience is consistent with the established standards for credit evaluation and award based on standards such as the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide.

For more information:  LCSC Policy 2.120

Step 1:  Contact the Registrar's Office to request an evaluation of your military training and experience.

A Challenge Exam assesses your mastery of college-level learning outcomes designated for specific LCSC courses.  Under guidelines approved by each division, currently enrolled, degree-seeking students may challenge courses in which they believe there has been substantial prior learning. Exams may include a variety of formats, such as multiple choice questions, short answer, essay questions, oral interviews, or skills demonstrations.

For more information: Challenge-Exams

Step 1:  Contact Dovie Willey at [email protected].

Many areas of learning have vertical content in which higher levels are dependent upon skill and knowledge acquired at lower levels. Students may complete a “Competency Credit” form to receive credit for sequential courses. If lower level learning can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of faculty who offer these courses, such as mathematics and foreign languages, students may request to enroll in the higher level or advanced course. Students who earn a grade of “C” or better in the higher level advanced course may be awarded competency credit for the bypassed lower level course by securing faculty and Division Chair signatures on a Competency Credit form and then submitting the Competency Credit form to the Registrar & Records Office for processing. Competency credits will be posted to students’ transcripts in the term in which they completed the higher level course and will be designated with a “CC” prior to the course title. There is no fee for filing this form.

Competency Credit Form

Step 1:  Contact the Chair of the Division that offers the course for which you hope to receive Competency Credit.

CLEP, DSST/DANTES enable students to earn college credit by examination. Students interested in earning credit through the respective program should contact the Registrar & Records Office .

For more information:  Minimum Required Scores and LCSC Equivalent Courses

Step 1 if you plan to take a CLEP Exam:

  1. Register for your CLEP Exam- CLEP fees and LCSC Testing Center fees apply.
  2. Make an appointment for your exam with the Testing Center.  Fill out the online form or call 208-792-2100

Step 1 if you have already completed CLEP exams and wish to have your scores evaluated:  Request that your scores be sent to the Registrar directly from:

Educational Testing Service
Princeton, New Jersey, 08541

A Portfolio is a formal means of requesting assessment of your prior work/life experience from which you have developed sufficient college-level learning to earn credit for a specific class.  Portfolio Assessments are particularly appropriate for learning that occurred through work experience, such as owning your own business, managing a significant project, or long-term volunteering for an agency.

For more information: Portfolio Assessments

Step 1:  Contact Dovie Willey at [email protected].

For more information on Lewis-Clark State College’s policy on Credit by Prior Learning Assessment: Policy 2.118 Credit by Prior Learning Assessment