Advising is a key component of your college success and the responsibility of both you and your advisor. Here are some tips you can use to prepare for your advising meetings, as well as take control of your planning at LC State.

You are responsible for:

  • Knowing who your advisor is and how to contact them
  • Developing a collaborative relationship with your advisor
  • Scheduling advising appointments prior to registration or other deadlines
  • Being prepared for your advising appointment (knowing the purpose of the visit, what courses are being offered, having an idea of what courses you need and want to take, as well as being able to discuss interests and goals with your advisor)
  • Familiarizing yourself with core, program, and graduation requirements
  • Consulting with your advisor before changing your academic plan
  • Talking with your advisor if you are having academic difficulty
  • Consulting with your advisor if changing major, transferring to another institution, or withdrawing from college
  • Meeting with your advisor at least once a semester in order to be advised for upcoming semesters (meeting more often will foster a collaborative relationship)
  • Asking questions and seeking help if you have issues or concerns
  • Becoming knowledgeable and able to make informed decisions
  • Accepting responsibility for the decisions you make

Prepare for your Advising Appointment:

To prepare for your advising appointment with your advisor:

  • Be sure you can access and log into your WarriorWeb account
  • Be familiar with your progress in WarriorWeb Student Planning
  • Be familiar with your degree requirements in the College Catalog
  • Bring your questions and topics you'd like to discuss

If you don't already have your advisor's contact information, check out the Faculty and Staff Directory. Be sure to know where your advisor's office is located (building and room number) and how to contact your advisor.

If you can't make your appointment, call your advisor prior to your meeting time as they have set this time aside for you. 

Once you have completed your Advisor/Advisee Exit Interview with your advisor, please take a few minutes and complete the survey linked below. Your advisor will need to give you the password. Thank you!