There are a few reasons you may not be able to register for classes. See the options below to help you determine what may be preventing you from registering.

Every semester, you need to meet with your advisor and review courses you've planned to take in Student Planning. After your advisor has approved your plan, they will "release" you to register.

Each year, you must agree to the terms and conditions of registration. These are available in WarriorWeb under Student Planning.

View the notifications in Student Planning under "plan and schedule" for the name and contact information of any office that may have placed the hold preventing you from registering. Parking fines, library fines, and student account holds are the most common culprits.

During registration week, the day you are allowed to register is determined by your number of completed credits. This does not include the current semester's registered courses. For more information, you can visit the Registration Schedule.

Make sure you are registering for the correct section of the course. Here are the course section codes:

  • Lewis-Clark State
    o 01-29: On-Campus, Face-to-Face
    o 01V-29V: Virtual Remote (Video conference/zoom at a fixed and regular time)
    o 50-59: Labs
    o 60-69: Online
    o 70-79: Hybrid (Split between face-to-face and online class sessions)
    o *A or *B: 8-week sessions. (A first half of semester | B second half of semester)
    o 7501: Coeur d’Alene, face-to-face in DeArmond building
    o 7570: Coeur d’Alene, Hybrid
    o I: Internship
    o M: Mastery-Based Pathway
    o P60: Online, PACE (Pathways to Accelerated Certification and Endorsement)
    o P7501: In-Person, PACE (Pathways to Accelerated Certification and Endorsement)
  • Special Cohorts (Students must have a cohort code or specific admission status to register for these courses)
     o Q: Quottly sections (Online Idaho)
    • X: Second Chance Pell
      ▪ XOG: Givens Hall cohort
      ▪ XOJ: Robert Janss cohort
      ▪ XO: available to Janss and Givens Hall cohorts
    • J: Juvenile Corrections
      ▪ JHS: high school students
      ▪ J: non-high school students
  • Dual Credit – High Schools
  • Idaho
    ▪ Coeur d’Alene (CDA Charter Academy) – HS1A1
    ▪ Coeur d’Alene High School – HS1C1
    ▪ Culdesac – HS2D1
    ▪ Clearwater Valley (Kooskia) – HS2B1
    ▪ Deary – HS2E1
    ▪ Genesee – HS2F1
    ▪ Grangeville – HS2A1
    ▪ Highland (Craigmont) – HS2G1
    ▪ Idaho Digital Learning Academy – HSDLA
    ▪ Kamiah – HS2H1
    ▪ Kendrick – HS2I1
    ▪ Lapwai – HS2J1
    ▪ Lewiston – HS2L1
    ▪ Nezperce – HS2N1
    ▪ Orofino – HS2O1
    ▪ Potlatch – HS2P1
    ▪ Prairie (Cottonwood) – HS2Q1
    ▪ Rathdrum (North Idaho STEM Charter Academy) – HS1N1
    ▪ Salmon River (Riggins) – HS2Z1
    ▪ Timberline (Weippe) – HS2T1
    ▪ Troy – HS2U1
    ▪ Wallace – HS1W1
  • Washington
    ▪ Asotin – HS7A1
    ▪ Clarkston – HS7C1
    ▪ Colfax – HS7X1
    ▪ Pomeroy – HS7P1