Center for New Directions

The Center for New Directions helps people in transition become personally and economically independent.

We provide career and educational counseling, help you recognize your abilities, interests, set goals, solve problems, and find a positive life direction.

People We Serve

A person seeking full-time employment outside of the home.

An unemployed or underemployed person who is responsible for a dependent(s) in the home.

A person who must seek training or paid employment outside of the home due to separation, divorce, widowhood, or disability of a spouse.

A person who is no longer employed due to a handicapping condition, job termination, or is going to lose their job due to downsizing, etc.

A person entering a nontraditional by gender training program or occupation.

Career Counseling Services

An online career assessment, the self-directed search uses your responses to specially designed questions in order to suggest careers suited for you based on your interests and skills.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questionnaire, designed to determine your psychological preferences and match you with jobs based on your personality type.

Educational Counseling Services

This may include referral to the Adult Learning Center for brush-up classes or entering the GED program.

We offer help with sharpening study and test-taking skills to help with taking college placement exams.

We can help you complete job, college admissions, and financial aid applications.

Meet with a Representative

Are you interested in meeting with someone or have an appointment scheduled? Please complete the intake form before your appointment. Thank you!

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