Pre-Registration Instructions

After receiving your confirmation appointment email from The Advising Center, please complete these steps before your appointment to prepare for your STAR appointment with your Advisor:

  • Go to WarriorWeb to sign in to your Student Account.
  • Enter your User name and Password, which are listed on your acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions at LC State
    • Your user name is the first part of your LCMail address. Usually, it is your first initial, middle initial, and then your full last name sometimes containing numbers after your last name. The first time signing into your account your password is your 8-digit date of birth (mmddyyyy).
    • If your username or password does not work, click on forgot your "user name" or "password" link below the sign-in area to retrieve your username or reset your password using your LCMail address. 
      • For issues with your account, you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk at 208-792-2231.

  • Once you have successfully logged into your WarriorWeb account, you will see different categories you can select to open from the home screen. 
    • Click on the "Student Planning" box. In this section, you will be able to search for courses, plan and register for classes each semester, and plan future courses.
  • Then click on "Student Planning" at the top left under the LC State logo to descend the drop-down menu,
  • Select "Conditions of Registration" (college's terms and agreements) and proceed through ALL pages, reading each section, answering any questions, and selecting the “I agree” box at the bottom of each page. Click submit to proceed to the next page. Once you’ve completed all the pages, you will be returned back to the main landing page.

In order to complete the following linked forms, you will need your Student ID number and LCMail address. You can find this information in your admission letter or in WarriorWeb under "user profile".

1) Please complete the Advisee Intake form for your Advisor. This is information about yourself for your advisor to get to know you better. Your advisor will go over parts of this form with you at your advising appointment. Complete the form here: Advisee Intake Form

2) Sign up to attend Orientation (update coming soon) before school starts. Orientation is required for all new students attending LC State. Complete the form here: Orientation Form

Note: If you are going to be an all-online student, your Orientation will be done online through Canvas.

  • Review the Navigating Your First Year Guide. 
  • If you are scheduled for a phone or Zoom appointment, your advisor will go over this booklet with you during your appointment.
  • If you are scheduled for an in-person appointment, you will receive a paper copy at your appointment to go over with your advisor.

What will happen at STAR?

  • Introduce you to WarriorWeb, Student Planning, LCMail, and Canvas
  • Review your placement test results and explain how these relate to course placement
  • Advise and help with the selection of courses then register you for the semester
  • Discuss your previously completed college courses (dual credits, AP, transfer credits)
  • Review your Advising Intake form and areas of concern and interest
  • Provide information about your degree and a recommended sequential plan to finish "on time"
  • Explain New Student Orientation and SD-107, your Orientation class
  • Discuss fees and payment options
  • Inform you about the financial aid application (FAFSA), scholarships, and offer acceptance
  • Give you success strategies for your first semester
  • Share the 'First Semester Checklist' to help you prepare for the first day
  • Answer any questions you might have!