Aletha Pabst Award

This award was created in 1984 and recognizes individuals whose exemplary service or involvement has made significant contributions to the well-being of LC State and its community. The recipient of this award did not graduate from LC State, but their unique contributions qualify them for special recognition. This award will only be bestowed upon the worthiest individuals, and therefore may not be awarded every year.

This award is named in honor of Aletha (Blewett) Pabst, who graduated from Lewiston State Normal School in 1925. When the Alumni Association was forming in 1972, she volunteered many hours in the alumni office tracking and listing alumni. She was deeply appreciative of the non-alumni who worked diligently by her side. When she passed, proceeds from the sale of her home were donated to LC State to start an endowed scholarship to help students with their education at LC State.

Nominee Address
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Consideration will be given to someone who has served Lewis-Clark State College, and/or the college's alumni with exemplary dedication and service.
Letters of support or reference (2-5 submissions) that detail the nominee's achievements. Media or web references are helpful, but not required, to support the nomination.