Hospitality Opportunity Request Form

This form is to be used to request services that transfer into Internship Opportunities/Experiences from the Hospitality Management Program at LC State and its students.

All services requested by students for Internship Opportunities/Experiences must directly relate to the program of study and the curriculum being taught.

  • Fill out this form completely for consideration
  • Must include Person In Charge contact information
  • Please review sections I and II below to fully understand the Internship Process and Requirements.

I: The Internship Experience supports preparing students to assume a management “style” role in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Industries. Inserted in said role, students will have the responsibility of working in outlined positions/experiences to connect their curriculum-guided education/training in Hospitality Management to “real” hands-on applications. The Internship Experience provides students with the opportunity to use the skills learned in the classroom and to use them in the industry successfully. It allows students to apply their knowledge on how to assist employees, understand policies and procedures, and use the tools needed to succeed in a real position. Students become integral members of the hospitality industry and will gain hands-on experience in facilities management, the day-to-day operations of the business, and the real-world application of knowledge gained from the hospitality degree program. The intern’s time is split between hands-on work, procurement, and industry-related administrative tasks.

II: Internship Experience assessments are acquired through connections based strongly on Business and Market and Management such as logistical planning, inventor and management controls, financial controls, design/creation, supervision, forecasting and projections, and most other aspects of the business and marketing side of the industry. Allowances will be given in limitation to Hospitality Services (FCS) hours relating to this program in the forms of serving tables/banquets, culinary arts applications only, beverage service, setup and takedown applications, and others. With Hospitality Management being formatted more strongly in Business and Marketing constructs, hours for internships need to be elevated above Hospitality Services to be accepted. (*any questions about how internship hours are to be assessed, please meet with the program director(s)) Multiple internship opportunities are formulated throughout the semester(s) with the intent to diversify a student’s Internship Experience within their certificate or degree journey.  

*Internship Experiences are finalized before each semester with a lead time of 6-8 months before accepting any Internship Experiences. The diversity of Internship Experiences is designed based on the curriculum being taught during that semester.

A job in the industry

o This is defined by having a job (paid, unpaid, or other) that is specific to or justifiably connected to (review required by professor) the industry of hospitality, travel, and tourism. Course Description II above applies.

A philanthropic endeavor in an industry that produces

o This is defined by Internship Experiences related to fundraisers, community events, campus events, tours, and others that are specific to or justifiably connected to (review required by professor) the industry of hospitality, travel, and tourism. Course Description II above applies.

Agreed upon connection to the industry by instructor and student

o This is defined by any Internship Experience that falls outside of the above two bullet points. A conversation is required with an advisor of the program to justify this possibility.

Internship Opportunity Experience Form-Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts