Apply for Fall 2024 Openings

Please review all the position requirements, information on this page as well as the Application Overview before applying to the Peer Mentor Program.


Eligible applicants have successfully completed at least one semester of classes at LC State and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.


A peer mentor is a student in their sophomore-senior year who helps new freshmen build a foundation for personal success at Lewis-Clark State College. They work closely with students enrolled in SD-107: New Student Orientation, serving as positive role models during their mentees' first year at LC State. Peer mentors help students connect with their new community in a holistic manner. They provide academic, social, and emotional support to their mentees while introducing them to additional campus resources, policies, and procedures. Students in the position will lead activities and programming both inside and outside of class to foster community relationships, help students gain a sense of acceptance, and develop students' ability to become active contributors to their education and institution as a whole.

Peer mentors will serve an average of 5-6 hours per week for throughout the semester. During this time, they will mentor roughly 25 students, help facilitate an SD-107 course, and assist with event programming. Besides gaining valuable professional development through mentor training/certification, peer mentors who fulfill their duties will be paid a $500 stipend at the end of each semester for their service and potentially earn college credit for their work.

  • Introduce freshmen to LC State's unique culture, traditions and support services
  • Identify and connect freshmen with other students, clubs/organizations and resources
  • Help freshmen through individual assessments of their strengths
  • Help freshmen connect to the world around them (campus/community)
  • Promote participation in their academic, social, health/wellness spheres
  • Promote student engagement and pride in both self and school
  • Attend/participate in the FYE program's training sessions and supervisor meetings
  • Attend and support the instructions of an SD-107 class
  • Participate in certain out-of-class support activities/programming
  • Be a positive, approachable role model for your mentees
  • Be a resource inside and outside of the classroom
  • Be mindful and compassionate towards students' feelings and needs
  • Maintain consistent communication with mentees, SD-107 instructor, and the FYE office
  • Be proactive in assisting students with health, academic, and social well-being
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and model the way
  • Be a leader: trustworthy, flexible, reliable, and supportive of your mentees
  • Be able to work in teams and effectively communicate with other staff members and divisions across campus
  • Complete assigned tasks/duties in a timely fashion

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Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership 207

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501