LC State New Employee Mentor Program

What is the LC State Mentor Program?

The LC State Mentor Program strives to foster a cooperative network among benefited employees, as well as to cultivate a sense of community on campus.

The program provides an opportunity for seasoned staff to share their knowledge and experience with new staff. It benefits new employees by giving them a friendly resource where they can benefit from the coaching, guidance and encouragement a mentor can provide. Experienced staff gain a fresh perspective and develop new relationships. The college builds a stronger and more cohesive community. The program is optional but strongly encouraged.

A Mentor's role may be as an advisor, positive role model, or an advocate. No matter what role the MENTOR is playing, it is important that he or she maintains the commitment and responsibility that is required to help the new employee in the following areas:

  • Encourage growth and success
  • Help build confidence and motivation
  • Inform about training and development opportunities
  • Support and actively listen to the new employee, providing guidance and referrals to campus resources when requested
  • Be available for consultation on problems or challenges
  • Make the new employee aware of social, career, and recreational opportunities on campus
  • Help employee to become familiar and comfortable with the LCSC community

A MENTOR can be any benefited employee of LCSC who has been employed at LCSC for at least 12 months, has a direct interest in helping new employees acclimate to the college environment, and has an interest in helping acclimate a new employee to LCSC.

Mentors will be matched with a new employee outside their immediate department, and typically in their same job classification.

Here is a Mentor Checklist to help you along your journey!

We hope that you will have a positive experience with the mentor program.  Our goals for the program are as follows:

  • Link a new employee with valuable knowledge and information
  • Enable employees to gain satisfaction by sharing their expertise with others
  • Allow employees to learn more about other areas of LCSC
  • Facilitate learning specific skills and knowledge that is relevant to professional goals
  • Provide networking opportunities with other employees
  • Allow employees to gain knowledge about LCSC's culture and mission to enhance strategic initiatives
  • Ensure that the employee has a friendly ear with whom to share frustrations as well as successes in a confidential setting


1).  After you are hired, Human Resource Services will assign a mentor to contact you. 
2).  Your mentor will print the mentor checklist and quick start guide and will contact you directly within a week.
3).  Mentor will provide 4 weeks of mentorship to you.
4.)  Mentor will accompany you to campus meeting and/or 1st CSO or PSO meeting.

Here is a Mentee Worksheet to help you relay your expectations to your mentor! Don't forget to check out the New-Employee Quick Start Guide!

List of Current Mentors

PSO MentorsCSO Mentors
Boyd, SandraMcClain, Angie
Carte', JeannetteBond, Amy
Cole, TimCasteel, Shannon
Lybyer, DebraGreco, Amanda
Meek, AngelaKibbe, Summer
Noyes, TraciHiggins, Diana
Patterson, Cindy
Peasley, Rachel
Swift-Raymond, Vikki
Toth, Courtney
Tuschhoff, Kim
Wolf, Kim

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