Spring 2024 Events

  • February 8th, Jordan Greenfield, Sacagawea Hall 115, 7-8pm
  • February 9th, Jordan Greenfield, Center for Teaching and Learning- Meriwether Lewis Hall 320, 12-1pm
  • February 13th, Dr. Teri Rust “The Secret Game,” Sacagawea Hall 115, 12-1pm
  • February 14th, Douglass Day Transcribe-a-thon, Sacagawea Hall 115, 3-5 pm
  • February 16th, “The Secret Game” P1FCU Activity Center, Men’s and Women’s Basketball games
  • February 21st, Selma, Bridge to the Ballot with Dr. Leif Hoffman’s class, Sacagawea Hall 115 or Library Telecommunications Classroom, 9-10.15am
  • February 28th, Fundi screening, Library Telecommunications Classroom, 6.30pm

Downloadable Flyer with Event Information