Humanities Scholarships

The Humanities Division offers ten third-party scholarships, four Humanities Activities Scholarships, and assists with two study abroad scholarships.

Third-Party Scholarships

  • John AK Barker Endowed Scholarship
  • Browning Family Scholarship in Creative Writing
  • Laura Moore Cunningham Publishing Arts Scholarship
  • Connie McLaughlin Gibbar Music Scholarship
  • Norman MacLean Scholarship
  • John L Nydegger Scholarship
  • Bob Olson Endowed Scholarship
  • Susan P Schroeder Memorial Scholarship
  • Carolyn Silverthorne Memorial Scholarship
  • The Three Generation Scholarship- The Larry Butts Family

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Activity Scholarships

  • Spanish
  • Speech & Debate
  • Theatre
  • Video Production

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Deadline for accepting applications for Fall 2023 is Friday, March 24, 2023.

Study-Abroad Scholarships

  • Helen Bernfield Foreign Language Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship
  • Humanities Study Abroad Scholarship

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