The Rosehill Fund

Sidewalk on LC State Campus

Rosehill generously donates funds each year to the Humanities Division in support of artistic and educational programming at LC State with an emphasis on bridging a closer relationship with the community at large.

Priority Deadlines: October 15th (Spring Requests) & March 15th (Summer and Fall Requests)*.

*Programming proposals received after these dates will still be considered and possibly supported if funds are available.

Requests must include a sponsoring LC State Faculty member.

Proposals are encouraged to seek funding from another source (i.e. Idaho Humanities Council, Institutional Development Grant, Humanities Division).

Approved Requests must follow through with two responsibilities:

  • Inclusion of Rosehill Statement with promotional materials:
    • This community event was made possible by a generous contribution from the Rosehill Fund.
  • Brief report following the event to the Rosehill Committee.

To apply for financial support, please fill out the Rosehill Fund Application Form.

Previously approved Rosehill Awardees include:

  • Beth Alvarado's Stegner Lecture, with support from an Institutional Development Grant
  • Bill Bower's Between Us, in partnership with the Lewiston Civic Theatre
  • Terry Buffington with the Black History Experience Committee
  • Monique Ferrell, Visiting Writer with support from an Institutional Development Grant