Humanities Clubs

Find your fit- Get involved!

Clubs are a vital part of the college experience. They help you connect with other students and faculty who have similar interests, bridge the gap between education and experience, and build lasting friendships.

English Club

The Secondary English Education Club provides a lively forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas among Secondary English Education majors, as well as with other English majors, minors, and those interested in the study of language and literature. The club elects its own officers and schedules literary events, social activities and community service projects. It also partners with other groups on campus, such as the theater department, Writing Center, Speech and Debate Club, and college media where the groups’ interests intersect.

Advisors are Gwen Sullivan and Amy Minervini.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club promotes the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries as it organizes academic, social, and service activities on campus and within the local community.

Advisors are Ian Tippets and Julie Bezzerides.

Speech & Debate Club

On campus, the team regularly holds public debates at the end of each semester on topics of interest. These debates feature members of the team who offer argumentation on multiple sides of an issue, with additional time designated for audience participation and comments. Off campus, the team has traveled to both regional and national tournaments, participating in both speech events and one-on-one debate formats.

As an activity, speech and debate provides a space to practice performance, critical thinking, and research skills and an opportunity to gain confidence as a speaker in intimate settings. Most competitive events take place in a college classroom with only a few individuals in a room (your judge and your competitors). In addition, tournaments often offer novice divisions in some events for individuals with little or no prior experience.

Advisor is Marcy Halpin.

Silverthorne Theatre Group

The Silverthorne Theatre Group looks to involve students in producing live theatre on campus whether on stage or behind the scenes, whether faculty or student created. The club also brings guest artists to campus and is actively involved in the Kennedy Center American Theatre Festival a multi-faceted regional theatre competition/scholarship opportunity showcasing the best creative work in all areas of college theatre.

Advisors are Nancy Lee-Painter and Jef Petersen.