• Lauren Connolly. The Ethics of Teacher Responses to Translingual Student Writing: Helping Students Navigate the Academic Conversation. In Bhusal (ed.), Teaching Practices and Language Ideologies for Multilingual Classrooms. IGI Global. June, 2021.
  • Renee Harris. Reading and Writing as Cardio: An Embodied Philosophy of Reading. Pacific View, Spring 22.
  • Peter Remien & Scott Slovic. Nature and Literary Studies. Cambridge University Press, Summer 22.
  • Peter Remein. Co-composed the introduction to the book Nature and Literary Studies under the title "The Nature of Literature"

  • Leigh Latta, along with collaborators at Reed College had a paper accepted in PLoS Genetics titled “Engines of change: Transposable element mutation rates are high and variable within Daphnia magna”. The paper is currently in press.
  • Eric Stoffregen, Leigh Latta, and students: Accepted publication
    A manuscript from Dr. Stoffregen’s lab was just accepted in Genetics (9/17). The paper features two LC State undergraduate students as co-authors, Jolee (Aeschliman) Ruchert is the first author and Karly Lacey a co-author. Leigh Latta was also a co-author. Citation below (the official Genetics link is not yet available).
    Ruchert J. M*., M. M. Brady, S. McMahan, K. J. Lacey*, L. C. Latta#, Sekelsky, J., Stoffregen, E.P#. Blm Helicase Facilitates Rapid Replication of Repetitive DNA Sequences in early Drosophila Development. Genetics. In Press.
    * LC State undergraduate student
    # LC State faculty
  • Van Mullem, H. (2021). Student-Athlete Perceptions of Academic Success and High-Impact Educational Practices. Research from the Front Porch Research Brief University of Washington Center for Leadership in Athletics (online).
  • Wheeler, W. & Van Mullem, H. (accepted). High Impact Educational Practices in Kinesiology: Examples of Curricular Advancements to Prepare Students for the Future of Work. Kinesiology Review.
  • Van Mullem, H. (2021). “Teaching During a Pandemic: Using Virtual Fitness Programming Principles to Create Community in Online Classes.” Mount Saint Mary College Pandemic Pedagogy: Lessons Learned Moving Forward International Conference (online).
  • Van Mullem, P. & Showalter, D. (under contract). Cornfields to Gold Medals: The Story of Coach Don Showalter and 15 Gold Lessons in Leadership. Triumph Books (

  • Kylee Britzman & Benjamin Kantack. Do Ideological Attacks Change How Voters Evaluate Primary Election Candidates? American Politics Research. July 2022.


  • Amy Minervini. GEM Award: Innovative Educator for Written Communication. Idaho State Board of Education’s General Education Committee. October 2022.
  • Ben Morton. Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award. LC State. April 2022
  • Julie Bezzerides and Marlowe Daly-Galeano are participating in the 2022-2023 cohort of the Lewis-Clark State College Faculty Leadership Institute (LC-FLI) offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Dr. VanMullem was recently elected President-elect for a professional organization called “Western Society of Kinesiology & Wellness.” It will be her second time serving in this role.

  • The American Red Cross of Idaho, Montana, and East Oregon named Angela Wartel as its “Volunteer of the Week” for revamping the Service to Armed Forces/International Services onboarding system and ensuring that new volunteers feel welcome.
  • The following Social Sciences faculty members received Everyday Teaching Awards from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in Spring 2022.  They were:
    • Eric Martin (January)
    • Kylee Britzman (March)
    • Marti Reese (March)
    • Luella Loudenback (April)
  • The following Social Sciences faculty and staff members were honored at the LCSC Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony on 8 April 2022.
    • Christa Abdul-Karim won the Adjunct Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.
    • Amy Bond won the Classified Staff Award.
    • Kylee Britzman won the President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching.
    • Amy Canfield won the H.L. Talkington Award.
    • Gary Reed won the Dr. Cameron D. & Marilyn K. Hinman Employee Excellence Award.
    • Marte White won the Fernández Faculty Excellence Award.


  • Jennifer Anderson. Breakout Session Moderator for Amy Morin’s 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do. LC State Women’s Leadership Conference, March 2022.
  • Jennifer Anderson & Marlowe Daly-Galeano (with Kerence Allison & Erin Cassetto). Connecting Campus Programming to Teaching and Learning. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. August 2021.
  • Julie Bezzerides. Modular Teaching. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. February, 2022.
  • Julie Bezzerides (with Amanda Van Lanen & Rachel Jameton). General Education Resources on Canvas. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. February, 2022
  • Seth Bradshaw Group-level emotions and patriotism. National Communication Association Conference. Seattle, WA. November 2021.
  • Marlowe Daly-Galeano. Beverly Lyon Clark’s Legacy and the Transforming Call of the Archives. American Literature Association Conference. Chicago, IL. May 2022.
  • Marlowe Daly-Galeano (with Laura Earles, Lloyd Mataka, & Eric Martin). The What, Why, and How of Writing Assignments. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. November 2021.
  • Kyle Ferguson. Evaluation of Leadership Decisions Related to COVID-19 on Incoming Community College Student-Athletes. Council for the Study of Community Colleges Conference. Tempe, AZ. March 2022.
  • Sarah Graham. In The Labyrinth:  Approaching Diversity in the Choral Space (With or without David Bowie). Idaho American Choral Directors Association Fall Conference. Boise, ID. October 2021.
  • Sarah Graham & Amy Minervini (with Amanda Greco). Recruitment, Retention, and Equity in Higher Ed. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. February 2022.
  • Renee Harris. Joanna Baillie’s DeMontfort and The Gothic Sympathetic Nervous System. North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. August 2021.
  • Ben Morton. Panel respondent for session titled Media Framing & Representation. Western States Communication Association Conference. Portland, OR. February 2022.
  • Amy Minervini (with Amanda Van Lanen & Lloyd Mataka). Introducing CIRO (Continual Improvement through Reflective Observation). Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. May 2022.
  • Chris Norden. Hosted Missing Sisters: Nez Perce Women Speak about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Movement. LC State. April 2022.
  • Kimberly Tolson. Panel respondent for session titled Using Games-Based Learning to Teach Communication Skills. Game-Based Learning Virtual Conference. Virtual. April 2022.
  • Louis Sylvester and Kimberly Tolson. The Benefits of Games-Based Learning: Using Games in the Classroom. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. February 2022.
  • Chris Norden. Last Lecture: Truth & Love as Core Democratic Values. Center for Teaching and Learning. LC State. May 2022.
  • Peter Remien. John Milton's Liberal Beasts. Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference. Banff, Canada. April 2022.

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  • Van Mullem, P. (2021, October 6). E.C. Davis Lecture. Intentionality: Our Role as Educators. Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness, Virtual Presentation.

  • Britzman, Kylee (co-author).  “Understanding Electability: Implicit Bias and Its Effects on Gendered Candidate Perceptions.”  Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL, 9 April 2022.
  • Canfield, Amy.  “The Politics of Protest: How Women Won the Vote.”  Historical Museum at St. Gertrude's annual lecture series, Cottonwood, ID, 24 March 2022.
  • Canfield, Amy.  “'You Don't Own Me': Girl Groups, Feminism, and Changing Gender Roles in the Early 1960s.”  Fifth Annual Northwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 30 April 2022.
  • White, Marte & Rosenbaum, LaChelle “Hybrid Weekend Intensives – Lessons Learned: A Qualitative Process Evaluation.” Social Work Distance Education Conference, Virtual Remote, April 2022.


  • Bezzerides, Julie. American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages Conference. Virtual. November 2021
  • Ferguson, Kyle. Leadership in Higher Education Conference. Virtual. October 2021.
  • Ferguson, Kyle. Western States Communication Association Convention. Couer d’Alene, ID. April 2022.
  • Sullivan, Gwen. Passports and Passages: Writing as a Bridge Between High School, College, and the World. Hailey, ID. April 2022.

  • Kylee Britzman served as a discussant for the “Gender Race, and Stereotypes” and the “Women’s Descriptive and Substantive Representation” panels at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference in Chicago, IL, from 7-10 April 2022.
  • Amy Canfield organized a series of events in honor of Women’s History Month in March 2022.  The theme was “Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX: Searching for Equity in Education and Sports.”
  • Amy Canfield organized LCSC’s 5th annual Women's Leadership Conference on 4 March 2022.  The theme was “Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going.”
  • Heidee McMillin attended the Idaho Safety and Resilience Conference in Boise, ID from 31 May – 2 June 2022.
  • Lauren Nichols co-organized LCSC’s 2nd annual Trauma and Resiliency Symposium in Lewiston, ID on 22 April 2022.

Faculty-Student Conferences, Service Learning, Field Experience, and Other Collaborations

  • Jennifer Anderson and Kimberly Tolson. Attended Northwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities in support of two student presenters: Jade Moosman (Submission: To Not Be Okay) and Carlee Smith (Submission: The Use of Pseudonyms in Literature by Women). Coeur d’Alene, ID. April 2022.
  • Jennifer Anderson. Talking River Review Presented: Prep Your Piece for Publication. October 2021.
  • Jennifer Anderson. Talking River Review Presented: A Workshop for Emerging & Aspiring Writers. April 2022.
  • Jennifer Anderson & Kimberly Tolson. Not Seen On Netflix film series. LC State. Spring 2022.
  • Marlowe Daly-Galeano. Named an M. C. Lang Fellow in Book History, Bibliography, and Humanities Teaching with Historical Sources. Rare Book School. University of Virginia.
  • Marlowe Daly-Galeano developed a Book History Teaching Collection (with Peter Remien, Jennifer Anderson, Sam Coulter, and Johanna Bjork) for her project as an M.C. Lang Fellow at the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. April 2022.

  • Dylan D. Miller, Aakriti Bajracharya, Gabrielle N. Dickinson, Timbre A. Durbin, John K. P. McGarry, Elijah P. Moser, Laurel A. Nuñez, Elias J. Pukkila, Phillip S. Scott, Parke J. Sutton, and Nancy A. C. Johnston. Analysis of Diffusive Rates for Use with Air Toxic Risk Assessment. IDAHO INBRE CONFERNECE, Moscow, ID, July 2021.
  • Gabrielle N. Dickinson, Aakriti Bajracharya, William Bruchard, Timbre A. Durbin, Dylan D. Miller, Elijah P. Moser, Nancy A.C. Johnston. Smoke Composition and Associated Health Risk of Recent Wildfires in the Northwest. IDAHO INBRE CONFERNECE, Moscow, ID, July 2021.
  • Bruchard, W.F.; Bajracharya, A.; Johnston, N.A.C. ; Effects of Increased Disinfection Usage on Volatile Organic Compounds and Associated Health Risk during COVID-19.  IDAHO INBRE CONFERNECE, Moscow, ID, July 2021.
  • Dalynn Kenerson, Gabrielle Dickinson, and Nancy A. C. Johnston. Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted from Asotin Complex and Snake River Complex Fire.  Washington State University REU Symposium, August 2021.
  • Katherine McCown, Kylie Wilson, Tom Jobson, and Nancy A. C. Johnston. Analyses of Water-Soluble Volatile Organic Compounds from Compost Emissions at Washington State University. Washington State University REU Symposium, August 2021.
  • Kylie Wilson, Katie McCown, Tom Jobson, and Nancy A. C. Johnston. Gaseous Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted from Washington State University Compost Facility. Washington State University REU Symposium, August 2021
  • Abbey Roy*, Brayden Graves*, Kyra Lockett, Abygail Marler, Eric Stoffregen. Naturally derived, Blm-dependent Y chromosome genetic variation affects sex-specific survival in Drosophila melanogaster. Idaho INBRE Statewide Research Conference, Moscow, ID, July 2021. Poster Presentation.
  • Kyra Lockett*, Abygail Marler*, Abbey Roy, Brayden Graves, Eric Stoffregen. Long-term biological consequences of Blm-deficiency during early embryonic development in Drosophila melanogaster. Idaho INBRE Statewide Research Conference, Moscow, ID, July 2021. Poster Presentation.
  • Abbey L. Roy*, Brayden M. Graves, Kyra M. Lockett, Abbey J. Marler, Eric P. Stoffregen. Lack of Blm protein during early embryonic development in Drosophila impacts the lifespan of surviving progeny. Idaho Council on Undergraduate Research Conference (Virtual). July 2021. Poster Presentation.

  • Kerensa Allison took five students to the Society for Applied Anthropology Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, 22-26 March 2021.
  • Leif Hoffmann (Social Sciences: Political Science) and two students took part in the virtual Model European Union competition on 5 March 2022.

Performance and Exhibits

  • Tirazheh Eslami. The Land of Persepolis: Introducing Persian Culture to the West. The Center for Arts and History. Lewiston, ID. The exhibit featured artists from the United States and Iran who are inspired by the aesthetic beauty and rich traditions of Persian culture. The exhibit included presentations, a cooking demonstration, a calligraphy demonstration, a presentation on the history of Persian dance and a performance by the Rahaa Dance Group from Seattle, musical performances, among other activities.


  • Halloween Concert. Virtual.  October 2021.  Sarah Graham, Organizer/Director.
  • Spring Performance. First United Methodist Church. Sarah Graham, Organizer/Director.


  • Fall Concert. Virtual. May 2022. Joe Proud, Organizer/Director.
  • Spring Concert Part 1. Silverthorne Theatre. May 2022. Joe Proud, Organizer/Director.
  • Spring Concert Part 2. Silverthorne Theatre. May 2022. Joe Proud, Organizer/Director.


  • Fall Concert. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Virtual. November 2022. Joe Proud, Organizer/Director.
  • Spring Concert. The Beatles. Virtual. November 2022. Joe Proud, Organizer/Director.


  • Glassheart. Silverthorne Theater.  November 2021.  Nancy Lee-Painter and Emily Akin, Directors
  • I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. Silverthorne Theater. April 2022.  Sarah Graham (Music Director) and Jef Peterson (Stage Director).

Professional Development: Degrees, Credentials, Certifications


  • Idaho Division of Public Health and Idaho Bureau of Laboratories Subgrant
    Jacob Hornby and Leigh Latta received a $137,700 subgrant from the Idaho Division of Public Health and Idaho Bureau of Laboratories as part of a larger statewide grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Sars-Cov-2 Surveillance Testing of Wastewater Samples. As part of national and statewide efforts to monitor Sars-Cov-2 transmission, LCSC will serve as one of five regional testing facilities in the state of Idaho that will receive wastewater samples from wastewater facilities and determine Sars-Cov-2 viral load in these samples. Data from the project will be uploaded to a national, centralized database that may be accessed and used by members of the scientific and healthcare communities in order to inform local health care districts of impending increases in hospitalizations due to COVID-19.
  • New Work Scholar Worksite
    In conjunction with the subgrant, Jacob Hornby and Leigh Latta established the subgrant as a Work Scholar Worksite that will employ up to two LCSC students that are eligible for the Work Scholar program to serve as laboratory technicians for wastewater surveillance.
  • HERC Grant
    Two students who conduct research with Leigh Latta (Heidi Sellman, Sarah Eberle) received HERC grants to support their research. Heidi’s project examines the relationship between behavior and gut microbiome composition in Daphnia magna. Sarrah’s project examines the efficacy of chlorhexidine gluconate as an antimicrobial against bacterial species of the mouth.
  • Jessica Savage and Clay Robinson: HERC Grant Award
    Students Emily Cowdrey and Tori Frei recently applied for a student HERC Grant and were awarded funds for their project: Lower Body Biomechanics of Post-surgical Knees and Healthy Knees During Single Leg Hops. They are hopeful that they will be able to get close to 20 participants and are excited to be utilizing the Vicon Motion Capture System in the lab.
  • Eric Stoffregen: SuRE-First (R16) grant submission
    Dr. Stoffregen submitted an application for a SuRE-First (R16) grant through the NIH on 9/24. It won’t be reviewed until March. If it gets funded, it is up to 4 years for a total of $500,000 in direct costs plus indirect costs of up to $180,000.